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Why Should You Park Your Phone?

Traveling or living abroad?

Whether it’s work, study abroad, or deployment – we can help by storing your old phone number. You can even keep full access to your full number via our Wi-Fi app or through e-mail.

Unused phone numbers?

No need to pay bills for unused or seldom-used phone numbers. With our number parking service, we can freeze your unused phone lines until you’re ready to use it again. You can freeze your number for as low as $3/month.

Moving to a new city?

Want a local area code but don’t want to lose your old contacts? Freeze your old number, and you can either leave a pre-recorded messages informing callers of your changed number or even forward calls to your new number.

Need a new number?

Whenever you get a new number, it’s a hassle to inform all your old contacts. Our call forwarding allows you to seamlessly forward calls from your old number directly to your new one. Don’t worry about losing old contacts or business.

Consolidating phone lines?

Communication can get messy when you own multiple phone numbers. Save money on your phone bills while streamlining your communication by re-directing all your phone numbers to one phone line or e-mail.

Wasting money on fax machine?

Save money on your faxes by moving over to our electronic fax service. Receive and send faxes through e-mail using your same fax numbers, without having to pay for the expensive ink and equipment fees.

For as low as $3 a month*, we will keep your number.

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Individual results may vary. Cost and savings depend on your selected plan and usage.


Deep Freeze

Port and store your phone number from any carrier to eliminate your unwanted service fees.

Call Forwarding

Have your incoming calls forwarded to any number you wish while using Park My Phone.


Get your voicemail messages delivered to your email inbox with our voicemail option.

Text Messages

Still get your incoming text messages for your parked number sent to your email.

Voice Calling

Use our mobile app to send and receive calls after porting your number to Park My Phone.

Custom Greetings

Leave custom greeting with our voicemail option for family and friends to hear.

Fax Savings

Save money by parking your fax line, keep your number, and receive your fax to your email. Learn More

800 Savings

Save money by parking your 1-800 number, keep your number, and get rid of monthly fees. Learn More

How Park My Phone Works

1. Transfer your phone number to us.

When you’re ready, you can transfer your number from your current provider over to us. This process is called ‘porting’. You can either port your phone right away or you can give us a future date to port.

2. Choose how to process your parked phone's incoming calls.

Once your number is ported over to us, your phone is now ‘parked’. Incoming calls to your parked number can be handled in a few different ways: they can receive a message, leave a voicemail, or have their call forwarded depending on your plan.

3. Start saving money on your phone bills.

After your number is parked with us, you’ll no longer have to pay your phone bills to your old provider. You can cancel and get your number back at any time!

Pricing as low as $3 a month*.

Need help finding the right plan?

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Parking FAQs

What is ParkMyPhone?


Park My Phone is an excellent way to save money on your phone bills if you want to give up some of your phone lines while keeping your same phone number. It’s also a great option for those moving to a different city, state, country, or even for those just going away for a while. After you sign up with us, we will port your phone or fax number to our system. You can select from different options on how to process your calls: you can leave an outgoing message or you can choose to forward your calls and messages to a different number.

What services do you offer?


Park My Phone offers parking services for home phones, cell phones, toll-free numbers, faxes, and more. For our parked numbers, we offer storage service for voicemails as well as forwarding services for any incoming calls, faxes, or text messages which you can retrieve via e-mail or app. We also offer our new WiFi Calling service so you can make calls from anywhere in the world. Check out our pricing page for a list of all of our offerings.

Can I port the number away from Park My Phone?


Yes, this is your number, so you can port it anywhere you wish at any time. You must notify us that you intend to port your phone number in order for us to stop charging you. Please read further for answers regarding payments and refunds.

Can I have multiple incoming telephone numbers?


Yes, and you can choose to either receive all the calls on a single telephone, or through a separate telephone for each number. You can even “mix and match.” Just let us know your special needs, and we will do the best to fill your request. Call us at 1-877-727-5698 or chat with us online!

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