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ParkMyPhone is A Number Storage Service
Offered By Park My Phone LLC

What is Park My Phone?

Park My Phone is aiming to provide quality service for people who wish to save money on their phone bills.


Why would you want to pay extra for lines that you are not using but want to keep the number? How could you still keep your phone number when you’re moving out of state? Notifying all your friends, family and customers can be a hassle! Park My Phone can help you!


You can have all your calls forwarded to one phone number for a fraction of the cost of a regular phone service. You can keep your number for life!


With us, you can also forward your faxes to your e-mail address! Maintain the fax number but stop paying the phone bill!


We believe in giving the best service possible; no effort is too much when it comes to serving our customers. We believe in honesty, and in being upfront with our customers. Therefore you will not see any 99.99 prices.


Our mission is to use cutting edge technologies to improve our customers’ day-to-day lives. Specifically, we are striving to improve communication of our clients with their dear ones.

What is Park My Phone all about?

Park My Phone is established to provide innovative communication and IT services for reasonable pricing. The company is located in Miami, Florida.


Park My Phone is a community-based phone network. Friends and families, customers and vendors, all can become a part of your network, regardless of where they are physically. Our network is based on the Internet infrastructure, but this is all transparent to subscribers and callers. Callers can dial in using any old-fashioned phone (POTS), using our access numbers across the world. But they can also use a new technology called VoIP. Phones based on this technology do not connect to the traditional phone jack on the wall. Those phones connect to the Local Area Network (LAN) and then to the Internet, the same way a computer does. The audio stream of a phone call on a VoIP network is broken down into packets, transmitted over the Internet, and then reassembled on the other side of the call to an audio stream again.


Since this is a data network, a computer can serve as a phone on this network as well when it runs a suitable software. It is not the most comfortable option, but sometimes it can help you very well. If you are on the go, domestic, or abroad, you can still get your phone calls as if you were home or at your office.

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