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SIM Card plans available allowing you to pay as you go.

Hop-on, Hop-off US SIM Card Service

Visiting the US for a short amount of time while staying abroad? Our Hop-On, Hop-Off SIM Card option may be the right plan for you. Our SIM card plans allow you to pay as you go: we'll ship a SIM card over to you, you pay by data usage, and when you leave the US again, we simply disable the card. This is an excellent option for students or workers living abroad who may come back for break.





US Sim Card
or only $20 per year
One Time Charge
$15 Porting Fee
waived if done when
porting your number
$15 Shipping
for shipping to the US


Calls & Text
Unlimited Calls & Text
Price Per 0.5GB
  1. Pricing per usage of the SIM card is per month or a part of a month.
  2. Data is priced per 0.5 Gbyte or part of it per month, or a part of it.
  3. SIM card charges are in addition to the ongoing subscription plan. The plan is not suspended.
When should I place the SIM card order and when will the number port (transfer) to us?

We recommend that you place your order now when you are still in the US and there is still time to work the kinks of the order. When you do place the order, you can select the date before which we will not port the number. This will allow you to keep using the phone while you are still in the US, or if you still want it to work even for the first days overseas.

How does the pricing work for the SIM card plan?

US SIM card is an add-on option available for every plan. When you select the SIM card add-on when parking a phone number, the price for having the option is $2 per month or $20 when paid for the year in advance. If you want to add the option after the number was already ported to us, we will charge you an additional $15 one-time service charge.


When coming for a visit please notify us in advance, where to ship the SIM card in the US and we will send it for you ahead of time. There is a $15 charge to ship it to a US address each time you arrive. The price for using the mobile service is $25 per month (or part of a month) for unlimited call and text. If you chose to use data on this SIM card the price is $12 per 0.5GB per month or part of a month.

What do I do with my SIM card after I return abroad?

When leaving the US, let us know so that we will suspend the SIM card to stop mobile charges. You can keep the SIM card to use again if your next visit is within 3 months period. Otherwise, you may keep the SIM card and be charged $15 per year, or notify us that you have destroyed the SIM card and pay $15 only when we ship you a new SIM card. The first option may be more convenient. The latter option may be cheaper if you are not coming every year.

What should I do if I want to be able to receive/make calls WHILE I am abroad?

Check out our WiFi Calling plan for exactly this situation.

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