No phone line, no paper, no cartridges. Get faxes via e-mail with fax parking.

Fax parking plans available starting at just $5/mo.

Save money from your fax machine with Park My Fax

Keep your fax number, while being able to get your faxes electronically via your existing e-mail. Faxes received as a PDF format attachment and usually take about 30 seconds per page. With our advance plan, you can even send faxes using your email too. Save money, and no one will even know the difference in your fax service.

Receive Faxes to Your Email Box

Save money by parking your fax line, keep your number, and receive your fax to your email. Get all your faxes to your inbox as pdf attachments with our Email2Fax service.

Send Faxes from Email Box

Send and receive your faxes using your existing email with our Fax2Email service. Save money, and no one will know the difference in your fax service.

Fax Parking Plans

Park My Fax Basic
$5/mo when paid annually
$30 Porting Fee
No Equipment Fee ($0)
APPROX 200 pages
of Receiving Faxes

No Fax2Email

No Fax2Email

Email2Fax: Your faxes will arrive as PDF attachments

All prices are rounded and shown in USD.

How does fax2email and email2fax work exactly?

When a fax is received for your fax number our servers will convert it to a PDF file and will email it to your email address. You can review it and decide wether or not you want to print it, just keep or discard of it. If you sign up for outgoing faxes as well we will provide you with an email address (and password) to send your outgoing faxes to. Just attach a .PDF or .doc (or some other formats) file and we will send it immediately upon receipt. The receiving party will receive it as a standard fax.

What if I need more monthly minutes for my faxes?

If you have a need for more faxes, you can customize your package by adding extra minutes to your plan for an additional $10/mo per 100 minutes or about 200 pages. For special circumstances, you can also contact us to work out a custom plan that’s right for you.

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