Send and receive text messages without the phone bill.

Add on text message forwarding to your parked phone plan for only $5/month..

Forward text messages to and from your parked phone.

With our text messaging add-on, text messages from personal phone numbers (no short code) will be automatically forwarded to you an e-mail of your choice - and can also be replied to. Text message forwarding can be added on to any existing plan or may already be bundled in with some plans like the WiFi Calling plan.


or $55 a year
(can be added on to any existing phone parking plan)
Text Messages from personal phone numbers (no short code) may be forwarded to an e-mail of your choice and can be replied to by email.
Can I use text messaging service to respond to verification e-mails?

It depends. Whenever you port a phone number over to us for parking, it becomes a landline number, regardless whether it was being used for landline or mobile before. Some companies may not send verification e-mails to numbers that they detect to be landlines. You cannot receive text messages from 'short-code' numbers.

What if I need more monthly minutes or a minute amount not listed above?

If you need more minutes, you can customize your package by adding extra minutes to your plan for an additional $2/mo per 100 minutes. For special circumstances, you can also contact us to work out a custom plan that's right for you.

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