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Use your phone however you want, whenever you want with unlimited incoming and outgoing wifi calling, voicemail, and text messaging.

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WiFi calling app from Park My Phone let's you keep your number and still make and recieve phone calls
WiFi Calling
WiFi Calling
One Time Charge
Monthly Minutes
Call Forwarding
Text Messaging
WiFi Calling
$12/mo when paid annually
$10 Setup Fee
  • Inbound and Outbound Calling
  • Unlimited Text Messaging
Keep All Of Your Calling Features

WiFi Calling is the complete package: keeping you in touch with friends and family using your existing phone number while keeping costs low.

Using an app we provide, you will be able to make and receive calls while only connected to WiFi. When you are away from a good WiFi connection, your callers will go to your voicemail, and you will get an email with a copy of their message or you can check the voicemail in your app.

WiFi Calling Features
Store you number with Park My Phone number storage

Keep Your Number

Port and store your phone number from any carrier to eliminate your unwanted service fees.

Store you number with Park My Phone number storage

Unlimited Calling

Make and recieve calls from any smartphone with our wifi calling app from anywhere in the world.

Voicemail sent to your email for your parked number


Get your voicemail messages delivered to your email inbox with our voicemail option.

have your text messages sent to your email for your parked number

Text Messages

Still get your incoming text messages for your parked number sent to your email.

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Individual results may vary. Cost and savings depend on your selected plan and usage.

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