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Park your number with Park My Phone Number Parking to keep your phone number and get rid of your expensive phone service fees.

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Number Parking
Number Parking
One Time Charge
Monthly Minutes
Call Forwarding
Text Messaging
$3/mo when paid annually
$15 Porting Fee
Additional Add-on
  • Pre-recorded Standard Parking Message
What Is Number Parking?

Park My Phone's Number Parking service is a great way to save money on your phone bills if you just want to give up some of your phone lines without giving up your phone number or if you are moving to a different city, state, country, or even just going away for a while.

How Does It Work?

After you sign up, we will port your phone number to our system. You can select from different options on how to process your call when it comes in: you can choose to just leave an outgoing message or you can forward your calls to a different number.

Can I Go Back To A Carrier?

Yes, this is your number, so you can port it anywhere you wish at any time. You must notify us that you intend to port your phone number in order for us to stop charging you.

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Individual results may vary. Cost and savings depend on your selected plan and usage.

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