Who can use our Fax Line service?

Since you’re not using the office facilities as often as you used to, maybe you should start saving money on this. Your fax machine would be a good place to start.


For just $10/month (when paid annually), you can park your fax number with us and still have the option to send and receive messages. You will keep the same fax number and all incoming faxes will go directly to your email address in a PDF file. To send outgoing faxes, simply send the PDF (or Doc) file to an email address provided by us and we will send the fax message in a standard fax format.


In this way, not only can you spend the same money on office facilities that are not being used, but also if not having a fax machine was a problem for you, you can now send faxes in the same original format, but you have the advantage to receive them in your email, which makes things easier.


Easy no?


Now you just need to place an order and start saving money right away 🙂